Membership With Us

The majority of Beyond Blindness services are covered by a life membership fee of $25.*

Our services are available to any individual who is legally blind and resides in South Australia.  People with low vision (not legally blind) are encouraged to become Associate members of Beyond Blindness.

Associate members pay an annual fee of $25.*

* from 1st July 2023

Member brochures

Standard Member Brochure

Plain text Member Brochure

Membership benefits

Membership at Beyond Blindness provides you with opportunity to access our extensive services and provides real value. As a member you will be connected to a network of support, friendship and resources.

To be eligible for membership you must meet one of the following criteria:

1.Receive a disability support pension (Blind)

2.Hold a special transport pass issued to people who are blind in South Australia

3.Hold a certificate from a legally qualified ophthalmic specialist attesting to your blindness

4.Been determined as blind within the terms of a statute of the Government of Australia.

Blind Welfare members and friends enjoying a 2015 Melbourne Cup lunch




Financial Assistance:

As a member of Beyond Blindness you could be eligible for assistance through a range of funding. Information and application forms can be found here:
Financial Assistance