As a Life Member of Beyond Blindness, you may be eligible for financial assistance for a range of needs and situations.  You can download the forms to apply for assistance.

Here are the SPF Benefit Guidelines to apply for financial assistance. Please note that not all applications are online, should you require funding for Funeral Costs, Birth/Adoption Costs please contact our office to request more information from our team.

Special Purpose Fund – Home Maintenance Costs

Subsidy to assist with the cost of home maintenance, to a Maximum of $250 per annum.

You can submit an online application here: SPF Application for Home Maintenance Costs v1.2 

Application for Personal Loan

Members of the Beyond Blindness are able to apply for a personal loan subject to terms and conditions provided at the time of applying.

You can submit an online application here: SPF Application for Personal Loan v1.1 

Recurrent Subsidy(Power & Telephone Subsidy)

This subsidy assists the members with Power and Telephone costs. To be eligible you must have been a Full Member of Beyond Blindness for at least 6 months (ie. Members who are legally blind) and fall into one of the following two income categories.

Category One

For single members and couples who are wholly reliant on their pension and do not earn any income from any other source (it is ok to earn a small amount of bank interest, i.e approx. $10 per week for singles and $20 per week for couples).

Annual Category One Subsidy

Telephone subsidy amount = $120.00

Power subsidy amount = $180.00

Category Two

For single members who earn no more than $50 per week or for couples whose combined income is no more than $85 above their pension. Please note: single members earning over $50 per week and couples earning over $85 per week will no longer be eligible for this subsidy.

Annual Category Two Subsidy

Telephone subsidy amount = $80.00

Power subsidy amount = $120.00

The application for the Power and Telephone subsidy application will be sent to the members in the month of August every two years. There are some Terms and Conditions on the rear of the form which Members must read and understand. The form needs to be signed by Members who are applying and witnessed by another person (this can be anyone known to the Member known for at least one year). By signing the form, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as outlined. You will need to send in your power and phone/internet bill which must be in your name. We will copy the bill and return it to you if required.

Your friends, family or support person can help you complete the form or you are welcome to contact our office on 8 3 6 7 6 0 8 8 and we will be happy to assist you over the phone. 

Adaptive Technology Equipment Subsidy

The Beyond Blindness Adaptive Technology Equipment subsidies are intended to assist members gain and maintain independence in daily living, study or employment. Funds are limited, it is anticipated members will exhaust other specific government schemes where available (Employment schemes, NDIS) before applying for funding through the Beyond Blindness.

Here are the guidelines for the Adaptive Technology Equipment Subsidy.

You can submit an online application here: Adaptive Technology Equipment Subsidy Application Form

Recreation and Personal Development Funding

As a Beyond Blindness Member,  you may be eligible to access funding assistance for you to participate in a Recreation or personal development program.

You can submit an online application here: SPF Recreation and Personal Development funding applicationV1.2