Application for Personal Loan

Personal loans are interest free for the term of the loan. Members can apply for a personal loan up to the amount of $2000.
    *I have supplied the financial assessment required by BWA indicating my ability to repay the loan. *I agree to repay the loan within the required period as per the attached schedule. *I understand that if I default on this undertaking that BWA will suspend my access to other SPWF benefits until such time as the loan plus any fees incurred to Blind Welfare are repaid in full. * I agree to authorise my financial institution to transfer regular payments ( minimum monthly payments) from my account to BWA for the purpose of repayments of this loan. I will provide BWA documentation to verify that I have set up for regular payments to e transferred electronically from my account to BWA. I understand that no monies will be released to me until such documentation has been supplied. *I give permission to BWA to obtain my location details from other blindness organisations should I default or move address without notifying BWA. *I agree not to cancel, suspend, alter or defer any transfer request for the term of the loan without the written consent of BWA.
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